PatternEditor 1.01


PatternEditor is a small utility I wrote to edit patterns in Propellerheads' ReBirth songs. It is in some way a Macintosh version of Matthias Schill's PatternMaster. Thanks for your help, Matthias.

Simply open an existing ReBirth song file with PatternEditor. You will see all 16 notes of a specific pattern at once. You may choose which Pattern on which 303 to edit. After you are done, save the song file and reopen it with ReBirth.

PatternEditor shows the notes on a "keyboard" with 3 octaves instead of having a transpose function. I thought this might be more convenient. Higher or lower notes set in PatternEditor will appear as transposed notes in ReBirth and vice versa.

This program was written using MetaL, a freeware basic compiler by Galactic Dreams Software.


Download PatternEditor 1.01 (108 KB)